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19th May 2010 
May 18 2010 (UTC)
Will I ever get to be a friend?
May 19 2010 (UTC) - Aww...
You are now friended :D
May 30 2010 (UTC) - Re: Aww...
I think you friended somebody else.
Do you ever write about your life anymore, or do you just post links and photos like on your tumblr?
May 31 2010 (UTC) - Re: Aww...
Whoops, okay, friended, LJ hasn't been working for me lately.
I write about bits and pieces, not too much because I'm boring as.
May 31 2010 (UTC) - Re: Aww...
I don't think you're boring.
Jun 01 2010 (UTC) - Re: Aww...
:) Naw, believe me I am.
May 19 2010 (UTC)
am i still your friennnnd
May 19 2010 (UTC)

I'm just doing this because someone I know at TAFE found it and started asking me strange questions.
May 27 2010 (UTC)
i'm not really using my journal anymore, but i'd like to read yours :)
May 28 2010 (UTC) - thanks!
cool cools, added :)
Jun 19 2010 (UTC)
What film is your header image from?
Jun 20 2010 (UTC)
:( I wish I knew, I've tried googling all sorts of things to find the answer and still nothing, sorry.
Jun 24 2010 (UTC)
frands? ill spit more game about birth defects for ya lol
Jun 25 2010 (UTC)
Sure, more frands the better :D
Aug 23 2010 (UTC)
Hey, I hope you don't mind me adding you.
Aug 24 2010 (UTC)
nope, don't mind, added back :)
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